Monday, May 19, 2014

Sharing Is Caring!

Congrats to MISSY TAYLOR for winning a sample of some EnergyBits! Hope you love them as much as I do!

Today I am excited to share one of my favorite training run workouts. I love this because it can work for EVERY type of runner, from beginner to advanced. Notice I am not specifying what pace you should be running at. It will be different for each person! You want to go off perceived effort. This workout takes about 70 min. but the times can be easily adjusted to your fitness level!

12 min. Easy (Take your warm-up nice and slow. You should be able to comfortably hold a conversation at this pace. Zone 1/2 heart rate)
12 min. Steady (Zone 2. Pick up the pace just a bit)
12 min. Moderately-Hard (Zone 3. You are no longer comfortable. This should feel more like work. But you are NOT completely dying at this pace.)
2 X 5 min. Threshold *1 min easy between sets* (Zone 4. If you can talk while running this part, then you aren't going hard enough. BUT, remember ... you need to maintain this pace for the 5 min. so it's not a full out sprint)
12 min. Steady (Zone 3/2)
12 min. Cool down (Zone 2/1)

These types of workouts help the time go by much faster because you are breaking it up into segments of time. It can be done outside or on the treadmill. This also helps to build speed safely. If you were to go out and run for 70 minutes in a Zone 4, your body will definitely feel it the next day. But, if you progress to some speed and still run an easy warm up and cool down, then you won't feel as beat up the next day. This way you can still get a workout in the following day without having to takes lots of days off in between runs. Thanks to Ryan Knapp for letting me share this workout!

And if you have a bad memory like I do, then you write a cheat sheet on your hand! Have fun and give it a try! Message me with any questions.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

EnergyBits Giveaway!

Excited to be able to share these magical little EnergyBits with my followers. Today is my Birthday. I am 31. Some days I act like 21. Some days my body feels like it's 41! But I am ALWAYS looking for ways to feel better, and to have the energy I need to get through my runs. And more importantly, get through the day with my little boys! First, I make no money from this company by talking about their product. I will never share something on my blog that I don't absolutely love myself. This is MY short list of why I am going to continue to include EnergyBits to power my workouts:

1.  They are easy to take. No cooking, or mixing, just pop them in mouth & swallow with water.
2.  It's not a supplement. They are bits of food (green algae).
3.  Only 1 ingredient. Packed with protein, a butt load of B-Vitamins, & a butt load ofAmino Acids.
4.  I didn't feel the "bonk" that is normally associated with a longer, harder run.

If you would like to try a free sample of EnergyBits for yourself all you have to do is Follow my blog (right corner) and leave a comment telling me you did so! If you would like a second entry, follow my Michrun4 page on Facebook and comment under the giveaway! Good Luck! Last day to enter is Sunday night at midnight (Sunday, May 18th) Winner will be announced Monday morning. I will announce on Blog and Facebook, then I will get your mailing information!

Some EnergyBits Facts:
*64% protein, 40 Vitamins, antioxidants, Omega 3, & nitric oxide
*They are just 100% Pure spirulina algae. Bits of green food that is grown hydroponically, harvested and air dried like other crops.
*Higher concentration of Antioxidants than Goji Berries, or blueberries.